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Build Me are the professionals you need when you are looking for dependable builders in the Howth community.  

We do all kinds of construction projects — even gardening!  Our goal is to create a space where you can work hard, laugh hard and get a great night’s sleep.  It doesn’t matter if your construction project is a new project, a renovation to an old building or just a minor modification because Build Me does it all when it comes to professional construction work. We make your created space a place you can be proud of having because we take our experience and create for you a new building (or a newly renovated building) at a price you can afford.  We are dedicated to meeting our deadline because we want you to get your project when you need it.

Construction Company in Howth Focused on Your Project

When Build Me takes on your construction project, we make sure we give you all the services you need to ensure your project is completed in excellence. We have a professional crew of consultants, landscapers, interior designers, project managers and architects that work together to produce premium quality projects that meet your specified goals. Our Howth builders will honour our projected timetable created for the project, and we will make sure the services we provide stick within the proposed budget. Anytime you desire to have work done by a professional builder in Howth, you should always keep in mind the background of the company. Any company worth hiring will be one with an established reputation of being professional and experienced When you are seeking builders in Howth, it is important to consider the experience and reputation of your company.

At Build Me, we have assembled a team with a strong reputation for quality projects and excellent customer service. We let our work speak for itself when it comes to doing your building projects. Choosing Build Me means you get top-notch buildings premium-quality refurbished products because our team takes care to see to it you receive the services needed to bring your project to successful completion.  We don’t skimp on our projects because the quality is important to us. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure our services meet local codes and regulations. We strive to make sure your project is done with care and professional precision. At Build Me, we plan to go above and beyond what you expect from us. We take care of the entire project from beginning to end to give you the building of your dreams. Our team does thorough planning before starting any project, and we will provide blueprints, design samples and other sketches to help you determine the style you want.  When we come to an agreement about the specifics of the project, our team will be dedicated to completing your project with precision and craftsmanship expected of building professionals.


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Our Howth Builders Offer Unparalleled Project Management

We understand that the success of a project depends on the quality of the project’s management.  We have experienced project managers on staff to assist our building professionals from the beginning to the end of your project. So, it doesn’t matter how big or small the project is—whether it’s a small renovation, a room conversion, a total refurbishing or a new building—because we will see to it our project managers work with our builders to get your job completed as scheduled. One popular project we do often at Build Me is basement conversion to help people make the most out of their unused space. We can transform your basement into a play area for the kids, an entertainment spot to keep the upstairs clean, a personal spa treatment area, a swimming pool or a utility room. No matter which basement conversion you select, we have dedicated builders who will see to it your project is done in excellence. Whether you are looking for a few minor changes or a complete overhaul of a building, Build Me is the right building company for you.  We make sure you utilize every inch of your space at a price you can afford. Our team will work with you from beginning to end and will go above and beyond your expectations to make a creation that is uniquely yours.  When you want a company that is dedicated to making sure your project comes out the way you intended, make Build Me your first choice.

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