6 Interior Designs Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

For many of us that are following closely with the trends of the present day interior designs, the new year 2019 will surely bring a new world of inspiration. There are many things to look forward to in 2019 ranging from classics and already familiar looks to fashion trends that will definitely transform your space.

Pros and Cons of Log Homes

Have you ever thought of having your comfortable log house in the mountains, or an interesting lakeside withdraw? Would you like to catch the characteristic magnificence of pioneer days while likewise getting a charge out of the enhancements of the cutting edge age?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen is the mecca of the modern home. Thanks to the open-space floorplan, the lines that used to divide the living room, dining room and kitchen have now been erased.

Attic Renovation: 10 Things You Need To Know

An attic renovation can help you create the extra living space you need cost-effectively. It can also help increase the overall value of your home.

Roofing Materials Guide

Not all repair projects are a top priority, but roof issues cannot be put off for a later time — especially if it’s an issue with leaking.

Property Price Comparison 2018-2019

It is everyone´s dream to own a house. However, acquiring the keys to a new home is probably one of the most difficult challenges for people these days.

Ultimate Guide To The Best Christmas Markets In Ireland

Christmas markets in 2018 – your festive guide to the best! ? Here is your essential guide on Ireland Christmas markets

House Remodelling While Expecting a Baby

It is highly advisable for you to not remodel your house while expecting. Exposure to chemicals in the first trimester can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women.

House Extension Cost

How Much Does House Extension Cost?

A house extension project can be an exciting project to undertake. And, it is also much cheaper to extend a house than to upsize it or move to a different house altogether.

House Renovation Tips

House Renovation Tips You Have to Know

So, it appears that you have your heart set on renovating your house. While doing that, you should aim to not only beautify your home but also look to increase the overall value of your home.

Home Renovation

How to Calculate Renovation Costs?

If you are planning to renovate your home, you are probably wondering about the total cost of the project and how much you should spend to ensure the increment in the value of your home…

Attic Library

How to Turn Your Attic into a Magnificent Library?

The attic is often described or used as a space to hide all the clutter of the house. However, why should you follow the conventional way of using an attic?

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