State of the Art Sleek Glass Extensions of Your House

What is a Glass Extension?

Are you looking to increase the size of your home? Glass extensions are contemporary structures with glass walls and roofs. This type of property extension is available in many different styles and glazing options.

If an abundance of natural light, panoramic views, and a translucent transition between the interior and outside of your home sound like things you need, keep reading to learn more about glass extensions.

Why is it the Perfect Idea?

Glass Room Extension Project

Contemporary glass extensions offer much more than a mere increase in floor size. These sound structures provide a wide range of benefits that can change your lifestyle forever.

Glass box extensions offer high levels of insulation. Their energy performance ensures comfortable interior temperatures and reduced temperature control costs.

Adding a glass room extension to your house can make an exclusive architectural statement. The composition of a sunroom allows for all high-end design elements that you want in your home, including natural light, thermal qualities, and visual incorporation of outdoor landscaping into your room.

Glass extension costs are comparable with the cost of solid types of structure extensions. When you start looking at additional energy-saving measures, however, their construction costs may increase.

Glass Extension Tips for Your House:

Since you have complete control over the dimensions and design of your room extension, it can be somewhat overwhelming. Let’s take a look at some ideas that you can incorporate into the design of your glass box.

30 Things You Need to Know Before Starting House Extension 

Extending your home can be a long and cost-intensive process, especially if you don’t know enough about design, planning, construction, and the relevant legal aspects.

Glass Extension for Your Kitchen

This extension consists of full glazing from the floor to the ceiling of your kitchen with glass walls on either side. You can also add doors to the sides that you can open on sunny days.

Shaded Glass Extension

Shaded glass can prevent overheating of the room on sunny days, especially in a south facing the room. Although shaded walls keep the sun’s rays at bay, they will still allow natural light to enter the room.
Glass Room Extension Project

Family Room Extension

A family room extension is a large glass box that serves as a recreational or communal space for the entire family. This type of glass extension is ideal if the house has an appealing garden or beautiful views. Create this extension by expanding the open plan kitchen or existing living room.

Glass Infill

Glass infill extensions differ from conventional designs in that they consist of a glass roof that covers a space between two existing walls. These walls can be, for example, one exterior wall of your house and the boundary wall between your property and your neighbour’s.

Glass infills offer many benefits. They provide a way to optimise existing space that you would otherwise not have been able to use. Since glass infills incorporate the existing structure or walls, they tend to be compatible with the overall appearance of the house.

Thatched Cottage with A Glass Extension

If you live in a thatched cottage, the contrasting styles of your house and the glass extension can work quite well in combination with each other.

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Glass Room Extension
This cottage delivers a traditional-but-stylish design with close-to-passive performance.

*This super low energy project (passive house), built on a remote site in rural Galway, almost didn’t happen. Architect Lester Naughton explains that when the client bought an old cottage on the site, the initial plan was to extend it.

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