Bathroom Renovations: Getting the Most from a Small Bathroom

In the UK and Ireland, the general size of a bathroom is around 2.4 metres by 2.7 metres making it a relatively small space. Therefore, getting the right style and level of practicality that you require can prove tricky! The homeowner will want a specific design but the shape and size of the room can make this task even harder. However, fear not because there are some things that can be done to make the room feel larger.

Choose a bright colour scheme

One way to make a room feel smaller is to use dark colours so whatever you do, choose a light shade. This stands true for any paint you might use, tiles and maybe even wallpaper because it can all help to make a huge difference. In the main, you will want to opt for colours such as magnolia, cream and light browns but you can add in other colours to give it a sense of character.

Growing in popularity are monochrome colours while light grey colours can give it a clinical and tidy feel to the room. When it comes to floor tiles, choose for something that has a reflective surface as this will help to bounce light around the room, making it feel larger.

Small Bathroom Design

Add in some mirrors

To get the most from a small space, opting to add in some mirrors will help to make a huge difference. This will help to spread natural light around the room, making it feel lighter, brighter and more spacious. A large mirror placed on the wall opposite a window is the best way of creating space but if there is no window then a full-length mirror will work just fine while a mirror with built-in LED lights is great adding a certain mood and atmosphere to the room.

Bathroom Lighting

Think about a vanity unit

The most common basin in the bathroom is the pedestal basin. However, thinking outside of the box can help you to make the most of what little space you have. A vanity unit will provide you with great storage and a smart look as they can be purchased in a number of designs and styles. The idea here is to get as much out of your bathroom as possible but if you feel like you need more then why not install a combination unit? This will bring the toiler, the basin and the vanity unit into one unit giving you additional storage while also helping you to save money.

Washbasin on the Pedestal in the Bathroom

Make use of the corners

In a bathroom, often the corners are neglected. However, it is a space that can be used which in turn will mean that you get more out of the room. You can now install a corner toilet, a shower cubicle or a basin, making use of space that would have once been wasted leaving you with more space all around.

Bathroom Renovation
Light Bathroom Interior with View of Vanity Cabinet, Toilet and Small Window

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