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Why Extend the Kitchen?

Small kitchens can be cute and appropriate for smaller families, but they cannot always do the job when faced with the mammoth task of preparing food for large parties or a packed household. Because of this, it isn’t always suitable when planning large-scale feasts during the holiday seasons and entertaining.

Kitchen extensions give you more room at your cooking station to really bring your food preparation to the next level. Kitchens can get very crowded very quickly, and too many cooks… well, you know the rest.

It can have huge benefits for your all of your entertaining responsibilities and help you have the modern and stylish kitchen that is a popular trend now. Think holidays, and birthdays. Think anniversaries and dinner parties. All of these can be enhanced by extending your kitchen to help you maximise its potential and delve into a whole new realm of cooking excellence.

Another reason people choose to extend their kitchen is the fact that is can greatly increase the value of your home. If you ever need to move on in the future, having the extra space will be a very attractive prospect to potential buyers and make the sale of your home that much more straightforward.

How to extend?

Picking the perfect spot for your kitchen extension all depends on the layout of your home and whether or not it might intrude on other areas such as your driveway or garden. Typically, choosing to extend on a window-wall is the most beneficial as these usually overlook the garden so you won’t lose any picturesque views upon completion.

If your kitchen is located in the front of the house, then you might want to think about removing walls to fully realise the possible space and make the most of the extension to fully benefit you and your home and help you achieve your dream kitchen.

What to consider?

Before undertaking your kitchen extension, it is important to determine whether you are required to obtain planning permission for the extension. Typically, permissions for small-scale extensions are not necessary, particularly if they are installed on the back of your house. Regardless, it is useful to check with your local council to be sure.

How much does kitchen extension cost?

Total cost per m2 is counted individually. We offer the best quality for the price and always try to exceed client’s expectations.

Prices for kitchen extension start at €1500 per square meter.

What's next?

The kitchen of your dreams can be a reality sooner than you might expect! Increase the space in your home, add to its value and start designing the kitchen you have always wanted and deserve.

Don’t lose your opportunity and call us today.


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