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Insulation is the unsung hero of your house. It keeps you warm during the winter, it retains heat and is the most cost-effective method of remaining comfortable all year around. Having sufficient insulation lining your walls can do wonders for your home experience and if you have been feeling a bit chilly recently, it could be due to having outdated or inadequate insulation.

Why upgrade Insulation?

The most common reason for upgrading insulation is to ensure that you are not spending more than you can afford on heating bills during those cold winter months. With energy prices rising, having the solutions to making your bills as easy on your wallet as possible is essential. Additionally, it can also prove beneficial during the summer, it will help keep out the heat allowing you to relax and enjoy a comfortable sleep during the night or even merely feel fresh during the day. Proper insulation can contribute to and 80% reduction in energy costs and can also help eliminate condensation around the home, making it less susceptible to mould.

What kind?

There are many varieties of insulation that you can choose to make your home more energy efficient. The most common type used in homes is blanket insulation, which is less expensive than other insulation methods. Other types include concrete blocks, foam and rigid boards, or IGFs (Insulating Concrete Forms), which is built into the structure offering you the most effective thermal resistance. Modern insulation techniques are much more effective than those found in older builds. If you live in an older home or flat, then choosing to insulate could result in losing space around the home when you choose to dryline your walls and floors.

What to consider?

Depending on where in the house you want to upgrade the insulation, whether it is the attic, a single room, garage or the whole house, you want to select something that is both affordable and effective. Furthermore, while there is not necessarily such a thing as having too much insulation, over-insulating your home can lead to a lack of ventilation, which could cause damp and moulds if the moisture is not allowed to escape and can affect the areas around your windows, ceilings and loft.

What's next?

Stop spending so much money on heating bills! Upgrade your insulation today and achieve the warm and comfortable home that you deserve. Price start from around €400 per 500 square metres of space. You can also apply for grants to help you afford the upgrade.

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