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House extensions are the perfect way to increase the space in your home as well as adding value to it if you decide to move on. Many people elect to undertake this kind of project, but it is not always for the same reasons

Why extend?

Beginning a house extension home improvement project can offer many great benefits for both you and your home. Everybody has different needs and ideas when thinking about adding space to their home, so knowing how the extension will benefit you is the priority.

If you have a growing family, then having this extra space is vital to ensuring that things don’t get too crowded, and gives everybody a chance to find their own space to relax. It can also be used as a child’s playroom, study, games room, or whatever your imagination can conjure up! Alternatively, it can be used to add value to your home. Every house is an investment, and so making sure that you can make the most you can if and when you decide to move on or decide to rent out your property can pay great dividends.

Where to extend?

House extensions can be done in most places of the home. Whether you want to increase the size of the kitchen, the living room, or even add a conservatory to make those summer days much more relaxing, we can help you decide what type of extension is best for you.

Extending the living room gives you the space to entertain over the holidays or for birthdays without worrying about where everybody will fit. A kitchen extension means more room to prepare and cook meals for you to live out your master chef fantasies.  

But it is entirely up to you! Knowing how it will make your life better is the key to a rewarding home extension.

What to consider?

This kind of project is not always straightforward though, and so understanding what you need to consider before anything else is done is vital to guaranteeing a perfectly successful project. Complying with the necessary building laws and obtaining planning permission is crucial to making sure that your house extension can proceed without any issues. These laws can be found online to ensure you stay within the guidelines.

What's next?

Don’t wait any longer to start improving the house of your dreams! Prices start from €1,600 per square metre, plus any additional professional fees and VAT. Different types of extensions will generate different rates.


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We undertook a massive house extension, including bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, family and dining area. Extending is stressful, but the support and attention have given by Build Me team keep us calm. Build Me coordinated everything which made the whole process of renovating bearable. Everyone absolutely loves our extension, and we have no hesitation in recommending Build Me.

Adam & Grace Brown Manager & Teacher

My new kitchen is a dream come true and everything I hoped for. Build Me provided the best service to bring my dream to reality. Not a day goes by that I don’t step back and say ‘It`s perfect’. I love it so much. If I had to move I would bring my kitchen with me.

Brad Evans Designer

We had some ideas for how our refurbishment would look, but could not understand how it would work or all come together.

When we had our first consultation with Build Me, they listened carefully to what we wanted, and all through the project, they kept our wishes on the top, while giving inspiring ideas and guidance for how to practically resolve issues. They conscientiously worked within our budget and went the extra mile to find high-quality fittings at the best possible price.

John Holland Artist
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