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Deciding to renovate your home can have major benefits for both you and your family. If you feel your house is not fulfilling its potential, then completing renovations can make it feel like you are living in a brand new home without all of the stress associated with finding and moving to a new house.

Why Renovate?

People choose to renovate to bring their home into the 21st Century. A modern home that is stylish, sophisticated and comfortable and energy efficient is what many people are striving for, and so if you want to get the most out of your home, look no further than a home renovation.

You can elect to renovate the whole house or merely renovate a single room such as the living room or your bedroom. Not only will these renovations make you feel better about the house, but they will also help increase the value of your home later on.

If you feel your home has become too affected by wear and tear or just feel like it is time for a chance, a renovation can help you fall in love with your house once more!

What to Renovate?

There are many options within the home that you can choose to undertake your renovation project. Picking the perfect room of the house to begin your renovation can help set the tone for further renovations later down the line.

Something such as a kitchen renovation can help you update your appliances for more effective cooking and food preparation along with more robust and reliable counters. A living room renovation can make better use of the space and bring your living room design into the 21st Century while renovating the master bedroom can make the room a place of tranquillity. Adding new technologies to these rooms will also benefit you in ways you might have never considered before.

What to consider?

Before starting your renovation it is essential to look at planning permission regulations to ensure you are not encroaching on anything that might result in penalties. Following this, guaranteeing that any renovations will not interfere with existing wiring or plumbing systems will make for a more comfortable transition.

You may also need to consider the existing space within the house and if you need to remove walls or use up available space in the garden or front yard to make sure that the house upgrades can be completed effectively.

What's next?

Renovate your home today and reap the benefits! Whether you want to complete small or large scale renovations, it has never been more straightforward to achieve the home of your dreams. Prices start from €1,000 per square metre.


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We undertook a massive house extension, including bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, family and dining area. Extending is stressful, but the support and attention have given by Build Me team keep us calm. Build Me coordinated everything which made the whole process of renovating bearable. Everyone absolutely loves our extension, and we have no hesitation in recommending Build Me.

Adam & Grace Brown Manager & Teacher

My new kitchen is a dream come true and everything I hoped for. Build Me provided the best service to bring my dream to reality. Not a day goes by that I don’t step back and say ‘It`s perfect’. I love it so much. If I had to move I would bring my kitchen with me.

Brad Evans Designer

We had some ideas for how our refurbishment would look, but could not understand how it would work or all come together.

When we had our first consultation with Build Me, they listened carefully to what we wanted, and all through the project, they kept our wishes on the top, while giving inspiring ideas and guidance for how to practically resolve issues. They conscientiously worked within our budget and went the extra mile to find high-quality fittings at the best possible price.

John Holland Artist
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