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Why Install a Garden Room?

Installing a Garden Room is the perfect addition to any backyard that can act as a place of tranquillity, relaxation and entertainment all year round. When thinking about how to make your garden go from good to great, a Garden Room could just be the solution. Garden Rooms can maximise your garden’s potential in a way that you never thought possible before. Instead of thinking about undertaking a house extension, putting a place that can serve all your needs all year round could be the answer that you have been looking for. They are the perfect addition to maximise space, inspire your entertaining duties and can also work as either a space of your own away from the stresses of life, be used as a hobby room, or double up as a workspace so you can make the most of the summer without feeling cooped up in an office. The possibilities are endless! Costing less than a house extension and also coming without the stress or cumbersome planning permissions, garden rooms can help you enjoy your garden in a whole new way.

What Kind of Garden Room?

Selecting the perfect room to complement your garden’s appearance all depends on what you want. You can choose a classic Wendy House-style, or you can choose a more modern, minimalist decor that will look sophisticated yet unassuming in any backyard. With this decided, you need to decide what it is going to look like on the inside. You can choose to decorate it however you like, for whatever purpose you want it to serve.

What to consider?

A lot of improvement projects require you to think about the space that you will need and whether your proposed plan will fit where you want. With a Garden Room, this might seem paramount, but the reality is that you don’t actually need all that much space. With most, twenty-five square metres will suffice. You can also think about your contribution to the planet. Choosing the more sustainable timber-framed garden room over the typical brick constructions will not just improve your garden, but help save the environment, too!

What's next?

Adding the finish touches to your garden to make it the place to be this summer, whether you just want to relax by yourself or entertain friends and family, has never been easier. Install a Garden Room now and reap the benefits of this modern and sophisticated style. Prices start at €11,000 for a fully furnished, ten-metre square area.


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We undertook a massive house extension, including bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, family and dining area. Extending is stressful, but the support and attention have given by Build Me team keep us calm. Build Me coordinated everything which made the whole process of renovating bearable. Everyone absolutely loves our extension, and we have no hesitation in recommending Build Me.

Adam & Grace Brown Manager & Teacher

My new kitchen is a dream come true and everything I hoped for. Build Me provided the best service to bring my dream to reality. Not a day goes by that I don’t step back and say ‘It`s perfect’. I love it so much. If I had to move I would bring my kitchen with me.

Brad Evans Designer

We had some ideas for how our refurbishment would look, but could not understand how it would work or all come together.

When we had our first consultation with Build Me, they listened carefully to what we wanted, and all through the project, they kept our wishes on the top, while giving inspiring ideas and guidance for how to practically resolve issues. They conscientiously worked within our budget and went the extra mile to find high-quality fittings at the best possible price.

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