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If you are looking for a solution to make your house more economically and environmentally friendly, then look no further than an Eco House conversion. In a time where being environmentally conscious is crucial, and with ever-evolving possibilities to both save money and save the planet more available than ever, it would be irresponsible not to think about converting!

Why Convert to a Passive House?

Eco Houses are an excellent way of helping to conserve energy and contribute to improving the environment. Instead of concerning yourself with wasting money on rising electricity and gas bills, the passive house allows you to save money by using renewable resources to generate and retain heat within the home.

But it is not just doing right by the planet that should convince you. Converting your home will also increase comfort for you and your family by eliminating cold corners or those areas of the home that always seems too hot or cold. In addition to this, it presents affordability and versatility, allowing it to withstand the test of time and provide an ecological solution to greenhouse gases all the while using just 10% of the energy used by the average house.

How to Convert?

Any house can be retrofitted with eco house technology to ensure a straightforward and simple conversion. By altering the existing heating systems, an Eco House can be turned from a money and energy drain into one that actually benefits your finances and the environment.

Whether you want to convert to solar panels, super insulation, air tightness or everything available, you can rest assured that you will soon notice and reap the positives faster than you might have imagined.  

What to consider?

Before undertaking such a conversion though you need to consider the age of your home to understand what sort of requirements will be needed to ensure fully-functional installation. With newer builds, there is less room for ventilation to generate fresh indoor air and so

Alternatively, older houses might have suffered from too much wear and tear over the years. Ensuring that the parts of your home that will undergo conversion are able to withstand the work will save you time and stress during the project.

What's next?

Equipping yourself with a renewable and sustainable home energy solution has never been easier. Start your ecologically responsible journey and join the 30,000 others who have already done the same by converting now! Conversion prices start at €1800 per square metre.

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