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What kind of deck?

Installing a deck in your garden can revolutionise your summers and give you somewhere sophisticated and relaxing to chill out, bring out the barbeque and chat all night long with friends and family alike. Choosing to add a deck to your garden does much more than merely give you a place to sit on those summer evenings, though. It gives you a place to entertain without feeling cooped up inside. It can provide a spot to do some much-needed DIY while avoiding the grass and it can also bring added value to your home in the future The deck is not like simply sitting in the garden basking in the sun, it can feel like a holiday in your own back garden and is a permanent fixture for your family to rely on to give you comfort and unwind after a long week’s work. Furthermore, with all the possibilities available, you can modify it however you please to provide the perfect summer chill out spot.

Where to extend?

Decking styles range from the classic and traditional to the more modern flair of the 21st century. All of these styles have proven popular in the past and are crafted to be durable and reliable, ensuring years of consistent use without worrying about wear and tear. Finding the ideal materials for your deck is easy and there are so possibilities many to choose from! Pressure Treated Lumber, Redwood or Cedar, Tropical Hardwoods, Composites or even Aluminium are all options to provide the right decking for you.

What to consider?

As exciting as your decking dreams can be, there are things you need to consider before getting too carried away with planning your very first deck party. Knowing the size and style of your deck will make everybody’s life easier, as well as making sure that it is easily accessible from your home or driveway for straightforward relaxation. In addition to this, you will need to decide what size is needed. This helps with ensuring there is enough space for everything you want to do, but more importantly to guarantee you are not violating any planning laws. Most decks do not require such permissions, but it is always safe to double check with your local council.

What's next?

Figure out what kind of deck you want and get started! Blissful summer evenings are not too far away and with a deck, you will have the best holiday spot in the neighbourhood. Prices start at €14.00 per board.

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