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Attic Conversion

Starting and completing an attic conversion is an excellent way of increasing the space within your home without having to undertake a home extension or move house. Converting your attic into a whole new room will allow you to make the most of the space provided and transform it into something much more than a mere storage area.

Why Convert?

People choose to convert their attics for a number of reasons. Primarily, it is done to create another bedroom in the house and is perfect for when you want to invite family or friends over to stay or even if your own family is on the verge of growing, needing more space in the household.

But it does not just have to be a bedroom. Attic conversions can be used for any number of reasons and also include home offices, playrooms, hobby spaces and more! If you need extra space in the home, then converting the attic is something that should be seriously considered as an option.

What to Convert?

Whether you want to undertake a full-scale conversion or merely using some of the available space for your conversion, you can think about installing windows for natural light and without needing to install too many lighting fixtures. On top of this, you can still take advantage of the remaining space in the attic by using the walls as storage areas for old family heirlooms or no-longer-in-use toys, games and memories.

Furthermore, you can choose to install a new staircase if the space in your home allows it which would make going to and from the conversion much more straightforward. Other options include attaching a ladder to the hatch which can be stored within the room when not in use and hidden away with a hatch door.

What to consider?

Before beginning your conversion, you need to consider the height at which such conversion would be possible. If your walls do not reach above five feet, then it would be difficult and uncomfortable to convert the loft. You will also need to think about planning requirements that come with converting the attic for habitable use.

Additionally, you need to ensure that any conversions will not interfere with existing appliances such as lighting fixtures, wiring, plumbing or boilers and heaters. If this is something that concerns you, then getting a surveyor to give you a rundown is a simple solution.

What's next?

Convert your attic today and reap the benefits of more space and an extra room in the house that you can use to entertain, as a guest bedroom or more! Prices are around €15,000 plus VAT.


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