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Our affordable architect service Ireland has been thoroughly planned and organized to take your home improvement project to the next level. With hundreds of happy customers over the last decade, we represent one of the top contractors in Ireland, regardless of your project. For a fixed price, you will get professional and detailed design drawings, not to mention explaining everything to ensure you understand which direction your project is taking. We ensure your project moves on in a transparent manner, so you have all the knowledge and confidence that you are in good hands.

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Architect Ireland – How It Works

Our collaboration will be split into four different phases:

  • Design – we will hand draw your layouts and plans to get as much as possible from your available space.
  • Advice – we will teach you how to get all the planning permissions, help in the process and have you understand what to expect from the building company.
  • Budget – we will explain the cost, as well as the time needed to complete your project from scratch.
  • Direction – we will provide further recommendations on all kinds of services associated with your project.

Interior Design

More and more people turn to modern trends, which involve increasing demands and ideas to gain even more from the available space. Whether it comes to removing walls, altering the current design or building internal walls, our architect contractors Ireland could be the lead between your dreams and reality. Working on the internal layout of a house is one of the ultimate ways to work on its functionality without actually spending too much money. Therefore, before thinking about changing homes or building extensions, think about a reconfiguration instead – it might be the key to your dreams. It is an amazing way to gain more potential and discover the space and light that will improve your life.


People spend plenty of time at home these days – some of them work from home, while others understand the importance of spending time with their families. At this point, they want to feel comfortable. Our architect service Ireland will provide the technology and plans to renovate your place in a great way, only to turn the boring old into exciting new. Moving homes is expensive and stressful, so modern people tend to simply upgrade their current ones. They tend to spend more in their current homes, so they use their creativity to refresh them every once in a while.


We provide full conversions and can turn the purpose of a building to 180 degrees. It makes no difference what its purpose was – we have the capability to turn it into an interesting and exciting home. However, it is worth noting that conversions bring in lots of unexpected situations. We work with a building that was raised for something else. It was not built for domestic purposes, so the existing structure and features require full reconsideration.

Kitchen Extensions

Working on the side return of your house is one of the most cost efficient ways to improve the size of your kitchen. You can come up with a dining area, a playing room or just a much bigger kitchen – your options are countless. There are lots of considerations to think about when about to extend the house – some of them affect the practical profile, while others work on the functional profile. The new space must work together with other areas of your house. Apart from main planning and building requirements, some of the top considerations include:

  • Design
  • Lighting
  • Arrangement
  • Materials
  • Storage
  • Daylight
  • Seating

Our architect Ireland will help you tackle one thing at a time. We will help you navigate through these issues and fully understand what it takes to come up with the perfect project.


Basements are often overlooked, yet they are impressive in size – usually the size of your house. They make great extensions and can provide additional space. Today’s market is pretty obvious – people need plenty of extra space, but they are trying their best not to move. Our architect service Ireland has the right solution if you are among these people – the basement will provide lots of space. It might be cheaper to come up with an extension or a full interior renovation, but if all your options have been used, this is the ultimate way to gain more space.


When your home is not spacious enough for your family, moving seems to be the right idea. How about an extension then? It saves all the hassle and lots of money. It can be daunting, but we will help you understand what it involves. Our architect service Ireland is built around you – the customer. We will guide you through each step and explain what it takes to complete the project for your peace of mind. Contact us for a no obligation quote and let us help you make your project reality.​



€ 1,048

SKU 40.16231
Wall Thickness 45mm
Wood Type Spruce, Untreated
Cabin Width 160cm
Cabin Length 300cm
Foundation Size 150x280cm
Cabin Height 185cm
Door Height, Incl, Frame Approx. 150cm
Roof Covering Felt And Shingles
Fitting Kit Included


€ 1,505

SKU 40.16231
Wall Thickness 45mm
Wood Type Spruce, Untreated
Cabin Width 160cm
Cabin Length 300cm
Foundation Size 150x280cm
Cabin Height 185cm
Door Height, Incl, Frame Approx. 150cm
Roof Covering Felt And Shingles
Fitting Kit Included


€ 2,450

SKU 40.16231
Wall Thickness 45mm
Wood Type Spruce, Untreated
Cabin Width 160cm
Cabin Length 300cm
Foundation Size 150x280cm
Cabin Height 185cm
Door Height, Incl, Frame Approx. 150cm
Roof Covering Felt And Shingles
Fitting Kit Included

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We undertook a massive house extension, including bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, family and dining area. Extending is stressful, but the support and attention have given by Build Me team keep us calm. Everyone absolutely loves our extension.

Adam & Grace BrownManager & Teacher

My new kitchen is a dream come true and everything I hoped for. Build Me provided the best service to bring my dream to reality. Not a day goes by that I don’t step back and say ‘It`s perfect’. I love it so much. If I had to move I would bring my kitchen with me.

Devid Volf
Brad EvansDesigner

We had some ideas for how our refurbishment would look, but could not understand how it would work or all come together. They conscientiously worked within our budget and went the extra mile to find high-quality fittings at the best possible price.

Maikl Jordan
John HollandArtist

When we had our first consultation with Build Me, they listened carefully to what we wanted, and all through the project, they kept our wishes on the top, while giving inspiring ideas and guidance for how to practically resolve issues.

James RonaldinManager @Albonis


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