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Build Me Ireland specialists help people to improve their living spaces and inspire them to follow the dreams

Log Cabins

Install a log cabin on your property today and make it a place to relax in the summer!

Mobile Homes

Get your hands on the perfect holiday home for you and your family!

Attic Conversions

Convert your attic today and reap the benefits of more space!
Attic Conversion


Upgrade your insulation today and get the comfortable home that you deserve.


Figure out what kind of deck you want and get started!



Get your roof fixed and reap the benefits of a comfortable and secure home!

Garden Rooms

Install one now and reap the benefits of this modern and sophisticated style!

Eco Houses

Equip yourself with a renewable and sustainable home energy solution!

House Renovation

Renovate your home today and reap the benefits!


House Extensions

Don’t wait any longer to start improving the house of your dreams!

Kitchen Extension

The kitchen of your dreams can be a reality soon!


House Remodelling

Get the house of your dreams today and modernise your home!
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