Kerb Appeal and How You Can Enhance It

Our homes cost us a lot of money and in some ways, we should look at it as an investment because we all live in the hope that over time, its value will increase. There is never a wrong time to improve your home by adding features and making changes here and there. In order to improve the kerb appeal, there are some jobs that can be carried out externally on your property in order to increase its kerb appeal, enhance the look of your home and make it a lot more desirable.

Damaged fence or wall – just fix them

Fences and walls are all subject to wear and tear of their own. The weather can take its toll on fences causing broken panels and faded paintwork and it can also cause significant damage to walls. In fact, children and nature can all play a part in causing damage resulting in them making your home look untidy. Therefore, having your fence or wall replaced will instantly give your property a lift.

A spot of paint

If your property is painted then why not have it painted to give it an injection of colour. If you think that the property would benefit from being painted then give it a go. This is a job that will make a difference but it will certainly make your home stand out.

Kerb Appeal
Irish House

Tidy your garden

An untidy garden can really drag a property down. Dead plants, overgrown weeds and a lawn that has very little life left in it will spoil the outlook of your property. Therefore, spend some time removing weed, adding new plants and even giving it the feel of more space.

Replace gutters, fascias and soffits

This can dramatically change the look of a property, particularly if they are old, dated and tired looking. Replacing them can add a spark of life to your home in a relatively simple and effective way not to mention the benefits they will offer when it comes to preventing leaks and damp.

A new front door

A new front door can transform your home from a bland and boring home to one that screams class and character. An old letterbox faded paint and even old-fashioned locks can drag your property down so consider changing the door to something new and something that suits the style of your property to give it a look that neighbours will envy.

Red Door
Red Front Door (Traditionally Irish)

Add a porch

If you feel that your property is missing something, then why not think about adding a porch? It will give your home a real personality and it will give you somewhere to stay dry when you are trying to find the keys for your front door.

Change your windows

Old windows will give your property an old look and feel not to mention the cold air and draughts that will pass through your home. Consider changing your windows for something new and modern and watch as your home transforms before your very own eyes.

Red Window
Red Window (Traditionally Irish)

Get the roofers in

Believe it or not, the roof of your home plays a huge part in its appearance. An old roof might be missing tiles or have broken tiles, if so, then the time has come to replace your home. It will improve the structural integrity of your home and have a positive impact on the way that it looks.

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