How to Turn Your Attic into a Magnificent Library?

The attic is often described or used as a space to hide all the clutter of the house. However, why should you follow the conventional way of using an attic? We believe that you can easily use the extra space to numerous benefits. For instance, you can always transform your attic into a magnificent library. Trust us when we say this – attic conversion isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Please do allow us to help you.  


  • Ensure that your roof is waterproof

If you want to transform your attic into a library, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that your roof is waterproof. If your roof leaks, the moisture and water can cause significant damage to the furniture and the books. Therefore, you should identify the leaks and repair them. You should even consider applying a waterproofing compound to prevent the penetration of moisture in the roofing material.

  • Picking colours

Experts believe that it is a good idea to choose a calm colour when you pick paint for your library. Serene, calm colours encourage calmness, creating a relaxing and calm vibe in the attic for reading. You should avoid using deeper colours at all costs as they can make the fairly closed space even more claustrophobic and small.

  • Utilizing the sloping walls

It can be rather tricky to utilize the sloping walls of an attic. However, it isn´t impossible to use the space beneath the sloping walls effectively. You can easily convert the space into a storage space with a low bookshelf. A daybed overlooking the window can also be added to space. You can even place beautiful artworks and in-house plants to add to the visual appeal of the room.  

  • Ensure there is proper ventilation

Since the attic is usually a closed area with tight space, it is of paramount importance to ensure that it is ventilated effectively for comfort. In the colder months, a good attic ventilation will enable the warm and moist air of the living space to escape, thus, preventing condensation which can damage the roof. While in the summers, a good ventilation system can help reduce the buildup of heat. You can even consider installing a ceiling fan in the attic to improve the circulation of air in the room.

  • Introducing mood lighting

Introducing mood lightings such as floor lamps, overhead lighting, chandeliers, and table lamps can go a long way in subtly enhancing the overall ambience of the attic library.

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