House Renovation Tips You Have to Know

So, it appears that you have your heart set on renovating your house. While doing that, you should aim to not only beautify your home but also look to increase the overall value of your home. Without beating about the bush, let us guide you to 9 house renovation tips and house renovation ideas you have to know.  


The importance of planning ahead

You need to have a detailed plan in place before the start of your house renovation project. You will have to factor in several important elements including costs, materials, time, and design. You should be well aware that nothing costs more than having to “change horses in midstream”. 

Kitchen Renovation Project
Renovation Project Management Template

Failing to plan is one of the biggest house renovation mistake to avoid. Download for free the following House Renovation Planner by Build Me services and plan everything ahead.

Do you have planning permission

Your extension or renovation work can be largely affected and limited if you don´t have planning permission. If you are unsure about requiring a planning permission, you can always seek advice from a contractor.

House Planning Permission
House Planning Permission

Finding a good builder

A good builder is someone who is insured, has the required licenses and permits, and gives references; he or she should also be able to give you expert advice on construction and get you discounts with key suppliers. Find the areas Build Me served – here and don`t postpone to contact the best builders in Ireland 🙂

House Renovation Process
Home Renovation Step-by-Step

The importance of budgeting

We can´t stress enough on the importance of budgeting and determining the total expenditure requirements/limits beforehand. Budgeting helps you stay within your means. If certain fixtures, fittings and materials are over your budget, you should look for alternatives.

Example Of House Renovation Budget Spreadsheet
Example Of House Renovation Budget Spreadsheet

Do your homework

If you want to get the best deals on materials, fixtures, and fittings et cetera, you will have to do your homework and research online. You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of options you have once you start your research. You should definitely take advantage of thrift stores, online shopping, and second-hand furniture shops.

Second Hand Furniture Shop
Second Hand Furniture Shop

Focus on your doors

The first impression of your house or any room is your door. Therefore, you should definitely put some thought into your doors when renovating your house. Your doors can either positively or negatively affect the lighting of the rooms. When repainting your doors, you should attempt to use shades according to the concentration of light in your house to optimize the lighting of your abode the way you want to.

Think before selecting a paint colour

Painting affects the lighting of the house. So, when you renovate your house, you will need to carefully select the paint colours that suit your house the best. If you are going for a modern sophisticated appeal, you can opt for a black and white palette. 

Blue & Nude Tones
Interior in Nude & Blue Tones

Making your small rooms look bigger

You can easily make your smaller rooms appear bigger by incorporating mirrors in those rooms. It is an inexpensive way to do so; this technique is even used by famous architects and designers.

A mirror makes livng rooms bigger
A Mirror Can Make any Room Looks Bigger

Kitchen and storage

When you renovate your home, you should aim to de-clutter and maximize your storage. If you want to increase storage space in your kitchen, you can build the kitchen cabinets and storages from recycled material. Doing so will save you a lot of money.

Organized pantry project
Kitchen Storage Hack to Maximize Your Space

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