House Remodelling While Expecting a Baby

It is highly advisable for you to not remodel your house while expecting. Exposure to chemicals in the first trimester can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women. Although chemical risks decrease slightly later in the pregnancy, during the time, the threat of falls from the ladders increases significantly. However, if you cannot afford to postpone the remodelling project, there are certain measures you can and need to take to ensure the total safety of both you and your baby. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Ensure that you are protected from the dust

It is imperative for you to be protected from the dust especially if you are pregnant and expecting a young one. Therefore, if you intend to hire a contractor to undertake your kitchen remodelling or bathroom remodelling project, you must check to see if he or she enforces lead-safe work practices and take indoor air quality while renovating seriously. There must be zippered dust doors installed at the entryways. If possible, you should also ask your contractor to install temporary visqueen dust walls to seal off as much dust as practical from the adjacent areas.

Building Contractors
Hire a Professional Contractor

The importance of planning ahead

You have must a proper detailed plan in place before you begin your renovation project. This means that you must have a proper idea of what materials you intend to use and how you can turn your house remodelling ideas to reality. Then, you should order them beforehand. Trust us when we say this – you wouldn´t want to be running around town trying to track down a cabinet pull, cabinet, hardwood floor stain, or an accent tile while you are pregnant. It is extremely advantageous for you to have all of your selections lined up, ordered and on-site prior to the start of the construction.

Wall colour selection
Plan Everything Ahead

Make sure you get plenty of rest

There is no denying the fact that renovations can be stressful and challenging. Hence, it is important for you to plan for downtime and get plenty of rest, especially now that you are expecting. We would recommend you to preserve one livable area in your home where you can let your hair loose, relax, and escape from the mess, dust, and noisy construction work.

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Get Plenty of Rest

How to keep yourself safe

If you have to be at home while the construction work is underway, there are several safety measures you can take. For instance, you should be wary of prolonged exposure to paint fumes and ensure that you aren´t anywhere near the lead-based paint. In addition to that, you should also avoid lacquer, varnishes, thinners, and any type of spraying. Paint contains harmful solvents and other organic compounds that may be linked to developmental disabilities, childhood cancer, low birth weight, birth defects, and miscarriages.  

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Keep Yourself on the Safe Side

You should also be aware that mould can be rather detrimental to the development of a fetal. Hence, if you come across any mould, you should immediately leave the area and call an expert to take care of the situation. 

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