Case Study: Kitchen Renovation in Waterford

If you are tackling one renovation project this year, let it be your kitchen. To find some inspiration, scroll down to learn more about our three exciting kitchen extension projects in Waterford.

Each one of the examples below can be valuable to you while you are planning your own kitchen remodeling project.

1.     Economic Layout

Small Kitchen Extension
Small Kitchen Design Project

The layout of this functional area allows for unobstructed movement while using the available space economically. The fridge is at the back of the kitchen where there is more room for someone to open it. You may also notice that the working surface and kitchen sink is close to each other to allow for optimal efficiency.

2.    Modern Appliances

Kitchen Extension
New Kitchen Stove

One of the first steps of a kitchen renovation process is to replace outdated kitchen appliances. Modern kitchen equipment does not only improve your cooking experience, but it also gives your kitchen a contemporary appearance. New appliances are safer than older ones. They are also energy efficient and will lower your gas and electricity consumption.

3.    Style Meets Comfort

Kitchen Extension
Modern Kitchen Style

Here the functionality of the kitchen is close to the dining area. The kitchen island brings social interaction closer to the food preparation. The stylish low-hanging copper lighting creates a warm atmosphere while providing sufficient light to the workspace. The island’s location relative to the oven and kitchen sink also reduces unnecessary movement.

4.    Simple Cabinet Design

Kitchen Extension in Ireland
Kitchen Corner

The simplicity of the cabinets focuses attention on the other aesthetic features in this space. The cabinets’ subdued and earthy textures add warmth and personality to the entire kitchen. The corner with its contemporary lighting and conveniently located electrical outlets is a functional space that one can use as a coffee station or snack bar.

5.    The Dining Area

Kitchen Extensions
Gorgeous Dining Area

The dining area forms an integral part of the kitchen’s layout. The extended island countertop and three stylish side chairs allow for a comfortable dining experience. Notice that the built-in cabinets and flooring have similar tones. The colours of the chairs and island are in contrast with each other to add some visual interest.

6.    Three Colour Schemes

Kitchen Extensions
Kitchen Colour Idea

In this part of the kitchen, there are, in essence, three colour schemes. The floor, wall units, and overhead lighting have earthy shades that range from sandy brown to red-brown. The walls and island unit have off-white shades and cool tones. The black side chairs and appliance in the background offer relief from the other two light tones.

7.    Natural Light

Kitchen Renovation
Natural Kitchen Lighting

In this kitchen, natural light can enter through two windows. In Ireland, the best orientation for windows is to the south. The walls and built-in wall units have light tones that do an excellent job of reflecting the light. There are no cold and dark corners in this space.

8.    Subtle Natural Elements

Kitchen Design Ideas
New Kitchen Design with a Natural Touch

The presence of the plant and tomatoes adds a slight natural touch to break the hard lines of the kitchen. Also, notice how the red elements complement each other. The planter, pots, and tomatoes that are on display add a touch of colour to provide some balance with the industrial hues.

9.    Stylish Simplicity

Kitchen Remodeling in Ireland
Stylish Simplicity in Kitchen Design

This beautiful black faucet contributes to the practicality and simplicity of the kitchen. The unit has a sleek and simple design to help you find the optimal water temperature.  The elevated spout makes it easier to fill up bigger containers, and one can detach the filter for proper cleaning.

10.    Optimized Space

Kitchen Design
Kitchen Extension Project in Waterford, Ireland

Although this kitchen is compact, it is fully functional and has enough space for moving around freely. The smart design of the wall units, appliances, and storage space means that one can make full use of the kitchen without any limits. In the back corner is sufficient lighting as well as space for a coffee station.

11.    Clever Cabinet Design

Kitchen Remodelling
Cabinet Design

Although there is limited room in this small kitchen, the intelligent design of the cabinet allows full access to the inside of the cabinet without any discomfort or restriction. The smaller front door gives quick and easy access. The high-quality hinges are silent and provide the doors with a luxury feel.

12.    Texture Combination

Kitchen Renovation in Waterford
Kitchen Textures

Here one can see the rough wooden textures that offset the smooth surfaces elsewhere in the kitchen. Natural textures tend to add personality and visual interest to any interior space, especially a kitchen. The surface in this area received proper treatment to protect it against moisture.

13.    Functional Cabinets

Kitchen Remodelling
Kitchen Design in Details

This multi-functional cabinet is the perfect add-on for any kitchen. Not only does it have a unique contemporary appearance, but it also has a practical storage space, an installed gas stove, and a large working surface.

14.    Quality Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Renovating
Kitchen Accessories

Adding long-lasting furniture to your kitchen will ensure that your kitchen has a contemporary appearance for years to come. This black Minà island is a prime example with its Cocciopesto worktop and a timeless design.

Islands don’t need exotic patterns or intricate designs to work well in a sophisticated setting. This unit, for example, has plain drawer handles and dimensions.

15.    Typical Features

Kitchen Extensions
Modern Kitchen Design

Although the design is contemporary, it accommodates the traditional features of a kitchen. The chalkboard against the wall with its authentic text and imagery creates a pleasant restaurant vibe. The display of produce as ornaments helps to establish a right kitchen feel.

16.    Appliance Arrangement

Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Small Kitchen Design

Here is an example of how many appliances can operate in a smaller space. The ovens, dishwasher, and fridge can open completely to allow unrestricted access.

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