A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen is the mecca of the modern home. Thanks to the open-space floorplan, the lines that used to divide the living room, dining room and kitchen have now been erased.

House Extension Cost

How Much Does House Extension Cost?

A house extension project can be an exciting project to undertake. And, it is also much cheaper to extend a house than to upsize it or move to a different house altogether.

5 Affordable House Extension Ideas

Even though the government will allow the HRI scheme to last until the end of the year, the expense that it takes to renovate a house can still be costly. However, extensions tend to add a bit of decorative flair to your home’s design. 

House Extensions

State of the Art Sleek Glass Extensions of Your House

What is a Glass Extension? Are you looking to increase the size of your home? Glass extensions are contemporary structures with glass walls and roofs. This type of property extension is available in many different styles and glazing options.

House Extension

30 Things You Need to Know Before Starting House Extension

Extending your home can be a long and cost-intensive process, especially if you don’t know enough about design, planning, construction, and the relevant legal aspects.

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