5 Gorgeous Attic Conversion Ideas

It is easily possible for you to use your attic to create additional living space. Converting your attic into a livable space has many benefits. Not only does it give you extra space to entertain your family or guests, but it also adds to the overall value of your home. In fact, reliable reports indicate that a good attic conversion can add 20 per cent to the value of a home. Anyway, without beating about the bush, here are 5 gorgeous attic conversion ideas that will help transform your loft to your favourite room.  

Expose your brickwork

We believe that it is a good idea to expose the brickwork and leave one wall unpainted. Doing so adds an element of charm to the room, making it stylish and cool. If your bricks aren´t worthy enough to be left completely exposed, you can always achieve a similar look by incorporating wallpapers.

Stylish Brickwork
Stylish Brick Wall

Opt for gold accents

If you want to turn your attic into a bathroom, we would recommend you to go for gold accents. Gold accents can transform any room into a luxurious space. If you have a high, multi-angled ceiling and want your space to look truly opulent, you can even opt to install a spiky chandelier.

Add a statement wallpaper/DIY attic conversion

You can easily blur the lines between illusion and reality in an attic room with a striking wallpaper that can fool the naked eye. For instance, you can opt to plaster a two-dimensional bookshelf in your attic if it is too small to actually accommodate the actual thing. Adding such wallpapers add visual interest to the room and create extra depth.  

Attic Bathroom
Attic Bathroom

Creating the ultimate haven for relaxation

If you want to make your attic the perfect haven for relaxation, you should definitely attempt to squeeze an ensuite into your attic. We understand that it may be difficult to install showers where the ceilings are slanted. However, if you have such a space, you can always fit in a bath, as they can easily be tucked into even small corners.

Creating the perfect retreat

You can easily create a private living space in the attic. Of course, we are big fans of spending time and socializing with our family members or friends. However, sometimes, we do need a place where we can afford the time to ourselves to recharge. And, your attic can serve as that ideal place. You should add rugs, mirrors, and classic armchairs in neutral colours in the room etc.

Attic Bedroom
Attic Bedroom

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