5 Affordable House Extension Ideas

Even though the government will allow the HRI scheme to last until the end of the year, the expense that it takes to renovate a house can still be costly. However, extensions tend to add a bit of decorative flair to your home’s design. 

So, if you are looking for some ways to make the most of your space, here are a few economical ways you can achieve the effect without disrupting your budget.

1. Attic Conversions

Your attic can be transformed into a personal office or an extra bedroom for kids.  If your attic space is big enough to be converted into another room, this is a good option for big families to explore when they feel like they are running out of space.

2. Introduction of a courtyard

Garden plants can sometimes stand in the way of what could be a spot for remodelling. Why not try having a small courtyard added right outside the bathroom or bedroom? You can take those plants and use them to help transform the space into a small sitting nook. Space needed to make a small courtyard won’t be too expensive, and it will be a great addition to the beauty of your house’s landscape.

3. Try glass extension

Glass tends to make a house look larger because of its visual effect of making things seem more open. You can add a sky view to any room by putting a glass panel in the ceiling. Glass doors can be installed to allow for a great view of the courtyard. Also, try adding a glass wall or a wall of mirrors in the living room or family room if you have a split-level house.

Contemporary Glass Extensions
Modern Glass Extension

4. Open Dining Space

You can create more kitchen and dining space at the same time when you replace the wall between them with glass. As already stated, glass tends to create a visual effect that the room is larger. Using concrete or wood courtyard materials on the floors will make space look larger by reflecting more light. With just a few euros, you can transform this area into an inviting space for your loved ones to gather.

5. Create Open Spaces Throughout the House

The kitchen and dining room are not the only places that can be transformed into an open space.  Consider how many rooms in your house could work as open space. Can you open the kitchen and dining areas with the living room?  Can some of the children’s bedrooms become open space? Once you decide on how you’re going to renovate the house, stick to your goal.  Don’t worry about how messy things may get during the renovation process because it will take some time to see the effect you wanted.

A lot of people feel that home renovations may be beyond their budget, but that’s not always true. You don’t have to invest in a complete house renovation to achieve a new look in some spaces of your house.  Instead, you can try the strategies mentioned here and only renovate certain parts of the house to reduce cost.

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